Hello I am Joseph O'Connor, A UK based dyslexic human who's interested in web design and development, emergency services (mainly the fire service) and politics. An odd set of interests, I know.

I started creating websites in late 2011 and the first three or four were truly terrible. In March of 2013 I launched Channel Graphs, a YouTube Statistics tracking website for channels and networks, that I ran for around two an half years before the project was discontinued in late September 2015.

Elsewhere on the internet you can find me on Twitter, Facebook or Google+. You can probably find me on other social networks or forums using the user names VerifiedJoseph, LondonE442, or echo442. The latter two user names are references to London Weekend Television's long running TV drama London's Burning.

You can contact me via j...@verifiedjoseph.com or on Twitter.