Save to the Wayback Machine Version 4 Released

Published: May 16, 2016 | Last modified : 03/06/2016

The main update to the extension in version 4 is a near total rewrite of the extension's code base to improve performance and to simplify porting the extension to other browsers that support Google chrome style web extensions, without having to make major changes to the code for each browser. I am planning on releasing versions of the extension for Opera, Firefox and Microsoft Edge in the near future.

Version 4 also includes a new stand-alone options page, improved notifications and an experimental feature that scans each website's robots.txt file.

Improved Notifications

Notifications now display the reason a page could not be archived (local file, browser settings page, invalid URL etc..) rather that just saying 'This page can not be archived, Sorry!'. You can now also set an alert sound to play when a notification is displayed.

Experimental Feature

When enabled the experimental robots.txt file scanning feature will automatically scan each website's robots.txt file to see if a page can be or can not be archived. Depending on the size of the file the extension needs to scan this feature may increase the time it takes for the popup box to load.


Change Log


  • Added incognito "not_allowed" to manifest.json
  • Added Notifications section to options.html
  • Added Experimental Features section to options.html
  • Added function contextMenus() to background.js
  • Added isValid(), background() and start() functions to popup.js
  • Added previewSound() function to options.js
  • Added notifyUserSound() function to background.js
  • Added defaultUserOptions `ScanRobotsFile` to background.js
  • Added function scanRobotsFile() to background.js
  • Added defaultUserOptions `contextMenuCreated` to background.js 
  • Added function fetchUserOptions() to background.js


  • Changed padding on confirm Dialog box in options.html
  • Changed section title font size and padding in options.html
  • Removed function passOptions() from background.js
  • Removed functions createMenu() and removeMenu() from background.js
  • Renamed option 'expression' to 'regex' in backgroun.js
  • Removed default user option 'noteAutoClose' from background.js and options.js


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