Save to the Wayback Machine Version 4.2.0 Released

Published: June 20, 2016 | Last modified : 21/06/2016

Version 4.2.0 includes a number of new features, some major and minor updates to existing features and six new user options. Some of the new features and updates are listed below. Click here to view the change log.

Date and Time Formats

You can now change the display format of both date and time stamps, with a choice of four format options for each. Date and time stamps returned by Wayback Machine's API can now be converted from Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) to your local timezone, by toggling the option in the extension's settings page.

IPv4 Address Support

Web pages accessed directly via IPv4 addresses can now be archived via the extension. Support for IPv6 addresses is not currently planned, but will be added to the extension at some point in the future.

Improved Statistics

As well as tracking the total number of pages you have archived since installing the extension or since the last statistics reset, the extension will now log the number of pages you have archived over the last two days.

Improved robots.txt file scanning

Major changes have been made to the experimental robots.txt file scanning feature, to improve extension's handling of a number robots.txt file directives. You can also toggle a option that will allow you to try and archive a page even when the extension thinks the page can not be archived.

New Experimental Feature

Also included in version 4.2.0 is a new experimental archiving feature, that lets you achive your current page right from within the extension's popup window, instead of the extension opening a tab when you click the 'archive now' button.

This feature also improves the accuracy of the extension's statistics, as the number is only incresed when a page is successfully archived, rather than just when the Wayback Machine's save page is opened a new tab by extension.

New Permission

Then updating from version 4.1.0 to 4.2.0, Google chrome will disable the extension and ask you if you want to re-enable it, this is because version 4.1.0 requires a new permission. The new permission lets the extension send and fetch data from Simple click re-enable and you are good to go.


Change Log


  • Added IPv4 regular expression to the vaildateUrl() function in background.js
  • Added check for 'Disallow:' (visit all files) to scanRobotsFile() function in background.js
  • Added function consoleLog() to background.js and popup.js
  • Added debug section to options_tab.html
  • Added default user options `consoleLog`, `archiveAnyway`, `archivedDate`, `archivedToday`, `archivedYesterday`, `tabFreeSaving`, `dateFormat`, `timeFormat`, `timeZoneConvert` and `numberFormat` to background.js
  • Added Archive Anyway button to popup.html and related CSS to popup.css
  • Added today and yesterday numbers to logNumber() function in background.js and to fetchNumber() function in popup.js
  • Added today and yesterday number reset to resetNumber() in popup.js
  • Added function saveByAjax() to background.js
  • Added function wasSaved() to popup.js
  • Added function updateHTML() to popup.js
  • Added checkbox css to options.css
  • Added Date and time section to options_tab.html
  • Added number format select box to options_tab.html


  • Updated formatTimeDate() function in popup.js to include formats that can be set by the user
  • Removed old code from functions in background.js and popup.js
  • Removed default user option `contextMenuCreated` from background.js
  • Renamed style.css to popup.css
  • Improved code comments in background.js, popup.js and options.js
  • Replaced each document.getElementById(element).innerHTML line with the function updateHTML() in popup.js


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