Save to the Wayback Machine Version 4.3.0 Released

Published: September 1, 2016 | Last modified : 01/09/2016

Version 4.3.0 of the extension fixes two major bugs that were introduced in version 4.2 and adds a number of new user options including the option to enable or disable the extension's stats tracking feature.

The experimental option 'archive pages without open a new tab' has been removed as this is now default behavior when archiving pages via the popup. Pages archived via the right click menu will still need to open a new tab.


Change Log


  • Added new IPv4 regex to background.js
  • Added requestedBy string 'Save to the Wayback Machine (' to options object in background.js
  • Added setRequestHeader() line to functions scanRobotsFile() and saveByAjax() in background.js and function fetchData() in popup.js
  • Added function status() to options.js
  • Added function updateStats() to background.js
  • Added confirm div and yes and no buttons to popup.html
  • Added CSS for confirm div and extra small buttons to popup.css
  • Added event listener for yes and no buttons to popup.js
  • Added image files checkbox.png, select.png and select-disabled.png
  • Added image file 40-page-icon.png
  • Added folders html and icons
  • Added archive.org_bot user agent check to scanRobotsFile() function in background.js
  • Added function Eventlistener() to popup.js
  • Added path regex to options var in background.js
  • Added user options 'DisplayFullDate' and 'displayTimeSince' to background.js
  • Added timeSince() function to background.js
  • Added radio boxes for FullDate and TimeSince options to options.html


  • Changes to options var in background.js
  • Changes to url regex in background.js to escape forward slashes
  • Minor changes to formatTimeDate() function in popup.js
  • Updated options page css in options.css to work with checkbox.png
  • Updated options page css in options.css to work with select.png and select-disabled.png
  • Removed javascript confirm() function from popup.js
  • Removed image files checked.png, checked-disabled.png and not-checked.png
  • Removed image file drop_down_arrow.png
  • Removed file background.js from main folder
  • Removed file loading.css from css folder
  • Removed file download.png from images folder
  • Removed file options.html from main folder (chrome inline options view)
  • Moved files popup.html and options_tab.html to the html folder
  • Renamed options_tab.html to options.html
  • Moved image files 16.png and 128.png to icons folder
  • Removed 'Archive pages without open a new tab' option as this is now default behavior (options.js)
  • Log number option can now be enabled/disabled by the user in options.html
  • Renamed folder js to javascript


  • Fixed bug in formatTimeDate() function that forced time stamps to always display in the 12-hour clock (popup.js)
  • Fixed bug in function saveByAjax() in background.js, that stopped a error message from being displyed when the Wayback Machine API return a 502 error code.