Save to the Wayback Machine


Save to the Wayback Machine is a browser extension for Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera, that lets you quickly save web pages to the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine.



  • Detects if a page can or can not be archived.
  • Quickly save pages via the right click (context) menu.
  • See the last time a page was archived.
  • Keep track of the number of page you have archived.

Questions and Answers

Can the extension be used in incognito mode?

No. As of version 4.0.0, the extension can not be used in Google Chrome's incognito mode.

Yes. As of version 4.1.0, the extension can be used in Google Chrome's incognito mode.

What permissions does the extension need and how does it use them?

The extension needs the following five permissions.

  • Active Tab - To get details about your current tab (URL, title and status).
  • Storage - To load and save user options and statistics.
  • Notifications - To create and display notifications.
  • Context Menus - To create right click menu links.
  • Data from - To fetch data from the Internet Archive's API.

Source Code

The source code for this project can be found on Github.


Privacy Policy

Browser Extension Privacy Policy can bee viewed here.


This is a unofficial extension and is not sponsored, owned, or endorsed by the Internet Archive.